Collaborating with Y. ENGAGE...

The Client

Y.Engage is a social impact company that trains young people on leadership and civic engagement skills for activism.

The Problem

They needed a digital platform to engage community advocates, corporate partners, and young people.

The Solutions

  • Business Strategy
  • Brand Style Refresh
  • Website Design

Evaluating & Strategizing

We started by defining Y.ENGAGE’s identity to align internal objectives with external perceptions. With a customer experience audit we learned how the company engages and retains clientele.

This work culminated with strategic recommendations for how to improve internal practices, and outlined how the website would simplify the process.

Redeveloping the Brand

Informed by user data and stakeholder interviews, our team designed a new look and feel for Y.ENGAGE.

Designing with the Community in Mind

With community advocates and corporate partners top of mind, a new website was an integral initial touchpoint to lead to future engagement and partnerships. Conveying the company’s impact and showcasing the customized service fit the bill for exactly what was needed.